Come In… Be Social

We’re a boutique Social Media Agency based in London, providing high-value social media marketing services for the Beauty Industry.

We love conversations, but we enjoy listening just as much… and as Beauty Industry Marketing Specialists we’ve got all the insider knowledge you’ll need to help you make sense of social media and the potential it can bring to your business.

Every day, billions of conversations are taking place online – it’s a non-stop dialogue. Discussions and visuals about your products, your brand, your competitors, the industry as a whole – they’re all happening right now. Don’t we all love a company who listens to our comments and acts positively upon them… why should life be any different in the virtual world?

We’ll help you to:

BE NOSY – listen to what’s being said out there
GET CHATTY – start conversations that will build fans
GO INNOVATE – create a buzz of excitement with customers and influencers

What you already know (and why you need us)

Social media has transformed all our personal interactions, and its unprecedented growth has outpaced the influences of traditional outbound marketing: advertising, PR and corporate events.

Social platforms now let people share information, collaborate, review, discuss common interests and build relationships. In fact, brands are now a sum of the conversations about them.

Tap into a gold mine. There’s never been a better time to understand what will excite your customers and get them buzzing. Social media will help your business reach and engage with customers and opinion formers, so they’ll do the talking for you. Peer review is powerful.

We can be the knowledge, the inspiration and hands-on resource that’ll help you have meaningful conversations with customers and opinion-formers, igniting positive word of mouth. You don’t need to outspend your competitors to have a stronger presence than they do, you just need to be smarter.

We believe the most successful companies are the ones that embrace and maximise social. We’re just as passionate about beauty as you are – so get in touch today.