We’re passionate about Beauty

We’ve over 30 years specialising in marketing and new product development for major international Beauty companies. Our Founder Kathy Wrennall, a Beauty Insider, knows exactly what works commercially.

Why we know what we know

We’ve extensive experience in the positioning and development of innovative colour cosmetics, skin care, body care and fragrance products for leading Beauty Brands. And that includes a huge number of seasonal colour promotional successes.

We’ve worked for the best, and talked to soOo many to understand what motivates customers to choose the products they do, and how they use them. Now, of course, the numbers of conversations are socially magnified. If it’s trending, we’ll know about it.

The emergence of social conversations has delivered billions of unprompted opinions about Beauty products. Brands now have access to rich data for future development and with the help of Not Just Powder will know just how to engage socially about it.

Up-close and personal

First and foremost, ours is a personal service. Our business philosophy centres on developing strong, genuine relationships both with clients, contributors and influencers; relationships that can be trusted.

As well as listening, advising and managing we seek to develop outstanding social content which draws your audience in and speaks to them on a unique level.

We stimulate social media conversations that surround topics and ideas relating to your brand, presenting you with commercial recommendations. So, if a certain red lipstick or the shape of eyebrows is a hot topic, you can be 100% certain we’ll capture them!

By doing this we begin to form a strong bond. Conversations are where relationships begin and flourish – we intend to keep it that way.

We are social

Social is something we are and something we do; it’s in our ingredient listing. If your company culture focuses on building relationships with your customers, then we can help you to spread the word.

Your customers will be passionate about your launches and events – we can get them talking and sharing your news with their social connections. There’s nothing as powerful as peer recommendation and the desire to be part of a popular community.

Media doesn’t dictate how social your company is or isn’t…it simply enhances your ability to be a social business. Take advantage of it.

We love product and understand your market – so why not talk to us about how we can use social conversations and visuals to further grow your business?

Get in touch today we’re only a click away.