Why your Beauty Business should be on Instagram

Why your Beauty Business should be on Instagram

Explosive growth, aspirational demographics and unmatched engagement have secured Instagram’s place amongst the social media elite. It’s amassed 200m monthly users in 3 years…2 years faster than Facebook and half the time of Twitter L2 ThinkTank.

For beauty brands, Instagram is the most powerful platform for engagement. As teens migrate away from Facebook, Instagram has developed an enviable street cred. It’s a cool place to be. Its users are predominantly Gen X and Millennials, 69% of which are between the ages of 18 and 44…primarily female…though this split is expected to approach parity at 55% and 45% respectively by 2016 eMarketer.

Why is Instagram the place to be seen?

One of the reasons it’s become soOo popular is user friendly-ness for brands and followers. It’s easy to upload images and engage with others, making it ideal for today’s online consumers. The feeds aren’t constantly refreshing, so it’s not over-whelming…you scroll through a stream of photos one at a time or just view them changing in the header. Its low-clutter environment really makes images soar. What’s more…there’s no EdgeRank algorithm to determine what users will see. If you’re posting, everyone who follows you is able to see your posts, without filtered results. That’s got to be good for business.

Who’s there and talking?

We’re working in a highly visual industry. Greater numbers of bloggers, models and makeup artists congregate there…to share latest looks, events and the products they’re promoting. Often, before they appear on their websites and blogs…making it the first place many fans and customers get a glimpse (and now the ability to shop) what’s new.

Engagement is the key. Top accounts generate a follower engagement rate 58 times higher than their Facebook posts and 120 times higher than their Twitter posts Forrester. Who wouldn’t want to share, where the reactions are immediate and soOo positive?

Is Instagram part of your business’ digital strategy?

If you’re a beauty company, however large or small, it should be! Fabulous images with brand appeal will keep the young, high-frequency cosmetics shoppers happy. Many brands now have professional prop stylists and photographers to tailor images for the various social platforms…

Estée Lauder’s Facebook users prefer photos with minimal props…whilst their Instagram images are created with lots of props that combine to tell a story and have a human element, like a hand model:


MAC Cosmetics is the most popular beauty brand on Instagram Totum…with over 1.2m followers…and introduced an ever-favourite (nail polish wearing) pet:


Others do it on with style on a smaller budget… Tata Harper creates natural photos that befit their rural heritage.


Models and MUAs have become social-media-savvy professionals documenting their lives with brilliant impromptu-ness.

Cara Delevingne @Caradelevingne Model and fashion superstar with 5.7m million followers:


Pat McGrath @patmcgrathreal Global Creative Design Director, P & G beauty, creating the stuff that makeup legends are made of:


Charlotte Tilbury @CTilburyMakeup British makeup guru, YouTube sensation and high heel addict:


8 tips to ensure that you show your brand in its best light…

  • Tell a story. Give your audience a backstage pass to your company. Who doesn’t love a behind-the-scenes peak at their favourite brand at work? Don’t just post promotional images…get inside your audience’s mind and understand what they think is special about your brand. What would you like them to know about you that isn’t obvious in your other social accounts? Include historical as well as latest imagery…and show how your team works its magic.
  • Showcase your products. A stunning product shot will make your customers want to own them, but there’s a lot of competition out there…so think beyond and put them into context for your buyers. How and where will your customers use them? Suggest new ideas that will encourage ways they can use them differently, and remember to include them only occasionally…you’re engaging not broadcasting!
  • Create tutorials. Beauty enthusiasts can’t get enough of how-to articles, so take advantage of the 15 sec Instagram videos to share helpful hints and techniques.
  • Share visual reviews. Encourage your followers to strut their stuff. How do they wear/use your product? Where do they go when they’re wearing it? Get your enthusiasts to snap, filter and share ‘selfies’ and photos of your product in action. Show real people modelling your products.
  • Use #hashtags…they’re not optional! It’s the way the Instagram community search for things that pique their interest and including 5+ can increase your ‘likes’ by 180% Piguora.  Consequently, hashtags are a powerful tool to make your business’s Instagram photos and videos discoverable and available to people outside of your existing audience.  
    Benefit Cosmetics 
    #BeneBrows and #Realsies campaign have been eye-catching examples:
  • Post regularly. Don’t just make an appearance every couple of weeks. If you want to leave an unforgettable impression, you need to appear daily in news feeds.
  • Promote your photos.Talk about them on all your social platforms and think about including a photo stream on your website. Your feed will automatically update whenever you post a new photo, keeping your website vibrant with fresh content.
  • Drive higher quality traffic.Use a clickable customised hyperlink in your bio to send followers to where you want them to go (landing page, opt-in, sales page, blog, home page, etc.). Ensure this link is only on your Instagram bio, so you can track the clicks, giving a more accurate analysis of how many people are coming to your site via Instagram.

Enjoy giving your brand personality and sharing day-to-day experiences of your business in an informal way. We’d love to hear which images have worked well for you?

Kathy Wrennall

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