Listening to Social Media is Good for the Beauty Business – Part 1

Listening to Social Media is Good for the Beauty Business – Part 1

Chances are you’re already using social media to engage with your target market. What you may not be aware of is the incredible results you can get by just listening to what people are saying online. Read on to find out how…

Developing beauty products that consistently excite your target market is tougher than ever. Competition for the hearts and minds of consumers grows daily. Ingredient innovations endeavour to keep pace, but customers are very demanding!

Being successful means staying on the pulse of what your customers want and understanding why they want it. Your customers are not just investing in how they look, but in how they feel and how they want others to feel about them.

You will know which products in your range your customers like best – and least. But if you’re not finding out why, you are missing out on vital clues that can help you deliver your next hero product.

The Importance of Knowing why your Customers Buy
When you know your customers’ reasons for buying your products you identify why they chose you over the countless alternatives available to them. These insights can then be used to build greater loyalty with existing customers and attract more people like them.

“…Make-Up needn’t be seen as a corrective or something to hide behind. I see it as another form of expression and acceptance, even pleasure, of being in one’s skin…” (Kay Montano interviewing Rachel Boardman)

To understand why your customers choose your products it’s important to first identify the elements that motivate their buying decisions; so that you know what to listen out for.

There are 3 elements:

  • How they use your products (Function)
  • What the product means to them personally (Meaning)
  • Why they want to be associated with your brand (Belonging)

The practical elements of products are very important. There will be natural assumptions, and then there’s what’s claimed on the product – all has to work beautifully in harmony so they feel confident using it.

An anti-ageing moisturiser does need to make you look more youthful. A flawless foundation should even out skin imperfections.  Liquid eyeliner should flow and dry to a cat’s eye perfection.

There is perhaps nothing more testing than the appearance and durability of nail polish. A plethora of blogs The Polish AholicHey Nice Nails Videos Cute NailsJulieG713Videojug Images Lace Nail ArtPopulagram Nail Art Nana Nail PolishKarla Powell and beauty news Refinery29s Nails show how obsessive fans create imaginative designs to satisfy their, and our cravings.

How long the polish lasts is not of paramount importance to all users; but it is to many. Until gels are fine-tuned to be applied at home without curing, there will always be issues with short term wear and the need to regularly visit professional salons if you want it to last.

Segmentation is increasingly valid – which ones are your customers?

There is so-o much more than the functional elements of formula, colour, packaging and price.

Understanding the meaning your products have in your customers’ lives tells you how they make them feel and the positive results they get from that feeling. For some, it’s about the ingredients you include; for others it’s what you exclude. The feel, the touch, the smell are all essential  – as is the finished effect – be it natural, emphasising features or standing out from the crowd.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t look elsewhere – after all, most women will have a wardrobe of products – but it’s likely that whenever they desire more, they will try yours first before they go elsewhere, if you have meaning for them.

While a product might appear nearly identical to a competitor’s product, an often indefinable power will draw them to a particular brand because of what they feel that brand says about them – and their need to belong. A sense of belonging is what draws cult-like devotion from some brand followers  – it spans geographic borders and inspires shared belief.

Brand choices are made because they in some way reflect who that person is and also who they want to be. The more you can engage and increase this sense of belonging, the more your target market will feel a part of your brand.

Social media enables brands to develop communities where people can interact and share thoughts and reviews.

The comments of passionate influencers and brand ambassadors (efluencials) are powerful and can be very persuasive.

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Kathy Wrennall

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