Analytics: Beautiful Insights from Pinterest

Analytics: Beautiful Insights from Pinterest

Pinterest is proving to be a valuable visual platform for Beauty Brands and one that’s embracing businesses with new additions, new designs and now the ability to analyse what people are pinning from your website.

Once viewed as a niche player in the social space – loved by hobbyists – it’s become one of the fastest growing social networks ever, amassing an enthusiastic user base, with considerable power as a referral site and growing force in the marketing world. What’s more, Pinterest users purchase items more frequently and in greater quantities than other social networks. An insatiable appetite for product – just what the industry needs!

Until now, you’d create content on boards from images on your website (and from other sources) and be informed when someone followed your boards, or liked or repinned. Now, any user with a business website can access free analytics that detail top performing content (repins and clicks) and exposure (reach and impressions) generated from your visitor traffic. Marketers will be able to boost their understanding of which images are clicked, how often and when.

So, gorgeous images AND data to back up their popularity! Are certain days more popular than others for you? Do those with a caption and hashtags get repinned more frequently? When you have a track record of success, it takes a lot of guesswork out of decision making – intuition turns to knowledge.

Whether you’re interested in e-commerce or developing stronger branding, you can begin to ‘measure’ the impact that your actions have. If marketers are going to spend time and money on social media they need to know if it’s working.

How to access Pinterest Analytics

You’ll need a business account and it must be verified, to access these new analytics. If you created your boards as a personal account (which we all did pre Nov 2012) you’ll need to change that to a business account and go through the verification process.  Social Media Examiner helpfully explains this in their Pinterest Guide to Business Pages.

To find the analytics tool, log in to your account and go to the top right corner of your screen; the drop-down menu is located under the account name. You’ll see an ‘Analytics’ option – if it’s not there, you haven’t yet switched to the New Look, so you’ll need to select the last option, click ‘Okay’ and say “Goodbye” to the Old Look before you can dive into data:

What’s the New Look?

Spring is the perfect time to try out a new look, albeit relatively subtle. “We wanted to make things simpler and cleaner, without requiring you to learn anything new,” said Jason Wilson, Lead Product Designer, Pinterest. Images have got bigger. They’ve responded to feedback from users to improve browsing and search features; pinners can explore an entire board without leaving the page they’re on, look through all pins from the same source, and see ‘People who pinned this also pinned…’ screen. If you’ve liked an image on someone’s board, the reasoning is that you might like others of theirs too:

What data is available?

The site metrics page is made up of 4 graphs that measure:

  • The number of pins and the number of people who pin, from your website
  • The time that pins were repinned on Pinterest, and the number of people who repinned your pins
  • The occasions your pins appeared on Pinterest in the main feed, in search results, or on boards
  • The people who saw your pins on Pinterest
  • The clicks to your website that came from Pinterest

Selecting the other tabs, ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Repinned’ and ‘Most Clicked’ will show your most successful images under each criterion. You can adjust the time frame for any of the metrics to give a snapshot of a day, a week, or a month, to help you align with any marketing campaigns you might be running. And the option to download it to show it anyway you want. Let Pinterest help you make the most of the dashboard with their step-by-step video.

Is it the right place for beauty brands?

If you’re still wondering whether this social network will deliver for your brand, there’ll be many who’ll shout “Yes!” There’s an inspiring article on why Sephora certainly thinks so Sephora delivers a beautiful experience for Pinners. ”Pinterest is the perfect venue to visually share shoppable new products, tutorials and cool images. It’s a place to get inspired by beauty.” Julie Bornstein, SVP Sephora Digital.

This retailer’s focus on sharing their beauty expertise has resulted in nurturing a highly qualified audience of nearly 140,000 followers. “The average Pinterest follower spends 15 times more money on than the average Facebook fan.” Definitely something to think about.

If Sephora and Pinterest are a natural fit for beauty aficionados, what could it do for your business? Increasing awareness of the brand by bringing it into customers’ daily lives has made it even easier to do what comes naturally.

What are you waiting for?

Kathy Wrennall

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