Pinterest Rich Pins for Beauty Marketers

Pinterest Rich Pins for Beauty Marketers

When it comes to helping define what your brand stands for in social media, visual content is highly effective.

Images are currently one of the hottest issues for marketers, and for good reason. They are eminently shareable, can provide a powerful summary, context and signposts for a broader story, and have the ability to actively drive interest and action.

The popularity of the virtual pinboard site, Pinterest, continues to rise unabated, and is a trusted social network with a huge degree of influence for females looking for inspiration and recommendations. Until recently, it wasn’t always easy to find a source or where to buy products on images that had been ‘pinned’; all you could do was to ‘repin’ and admire them on your board.

Introducing Rich Pins

Recognising this, Pinterest has upgraded their functionality for businesses and introduced ‘Rich Pins’ which now include more information about pinned images. This is fabulous news for beauty brands on e-commerce sites. The difference between the new enhanced pin and the regular, is the level of detail you can automatically include (without worrying that repinners will change it), and the direct links it offers.

Rich pins stand out when people are searching for beauty products on boards. A viewer just clicks on the image, it brings up an enlarged version which highlights the  current pricing and whether it’s in stock.

The link at the base takes the customer directly to the web page (without having to manoeuvre through the whole site) where it’s so much more tempting to buy!

Advantages of Rich Pins

  • Product accessibility – the product availability and e-retailer can be seen without leaving Pinterest;
  • Official recognition – users will know that your pin is officially from the website, and doesn’t link to a copycat retailer or manufacturer;
  • Better branding – your logo is distinctive;
  • Seamless integration – content from the e-retailer’s website will update Pinterest automatically, so no need to repeat descriptions or worry about pinners changing information when they repin;
  • Increased traffic – direct product links can lead to increased clicks…and hopefully, sales!

How You Get Rich Pins

If you’d like Pinterest users to start buying your brand’s products, you can make it happen. If you haven’t verified your e-commerce or business site on Pinterest yet, then it’s highly recommended that you do so.

There’s a developer’s page that covers the process where you enhance your website.

  • Prepare the e-commerce website with meta tags;
  • Apply to get them included.
  • Test out the rich pins using a validation tool.

Several large retailers have been validated to use rich pins, including Anthropologie, eBay, Etsy, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Overstock and Sephora. Small business owners with stores built with the Shopify platform will be able to configure their site for rich pin functionality too.

With tens of millions of product pins on its site, early results show that rich pins are generating higher click-through rates to e-commerce sites than regular pins.

Debut of Price Alerts

Another stepping stone to encourage users to not just aspire but to actually purchase, is the debut of showcasing sale prices (highlighting the price has dropped from an earlier, higher one) and ‘Price Alerts.

To use ‘price alerting’, users simply save a product pin to one of their boards, and if the price ever drops, they’ll be alerted via an email notification. Notification on a grand scale! Pinterest has explained that they will try to aggregate those notifications into as few emails as possible, in order to not overload users’ email inboxes. The frequency can be controlled in users’ settings.

Pinterest intends to bring greater value to the pins that users are saving on the site. Already, they’re doing this with rich pins, plus additional tools for businesses, including improved Pin It buttons (which now work on mobile apps), Widget Builders and Analytics.

Encourage Pin Sharing

Whether you’re able to use the new rich pins or not, keep updating your boards with gorgeous images to encourage users to share your content, and chat about them on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word to followers.

Do you have a Pin It Button installed?

It’s so much easier for followers to share your images if you add a Pin It Button on your website and on blog posts.

As social image-sharing is predicted to continue its popularity, brand marketers and retailers should take advantage whilst keeping a close eye on user behaviour, especially as it relates to click throughs and conversions.

Do you have experience of enhanced pins? Have they made a difference to your traffic? We’d love to hear from you…

Kathy Wrennall

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