Is RebelMouse the Perfect Social Stream for Beauty Brands?

Is RebelMouse the Perfect Social Stream for Beauty Brands?

Picture this? You’re a beauty brand with growing confidence and engagement on Facebook and Twitter. You’ve had success on YouTube and most recently have created visual pin boards on Pinterest. Addictive, isn’t it?  They’re all looking good and the message is on-brand. Wouldn’t it be effective if current and prospective customers could share all of this with you in one place? Your website doesn’t satisfy this need as its purpose is to showcase your product ranges; it wasn’t designed in real time or to be interactive. It would be perfect if you could create a type of digital newspaper of your brand on the internet…

Well, that’s the concept behind a new web service that former Huffington Post Chief Technical Officer Paul Berry, has launched – RebelMouse.

At first glance, it’s resembles elements of Pinterest and Flipboard. After you spend some time on the site, it becomes clear that it’s much more than that. “When I was at the Huffington Post, people would constantly come to me asking how to build a homepage” Berry told Mashable.

RebelMouse lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and RSS blog feeds to a front page that constantly refreshes itself – without you having to do anything! While it creates a basic automated view, there are publishing tools to let you alter the positioning of items by adding, deleting, freezing the position, and moving things around. It offers you editorial control of what gets displayed where – that’s what makes it different.

RebelMouse provides you with a platform where you can create new posts and content. You can freeze your best pieces and expand on Twitter’s 140 characters. You can invite people to contribute to and follow your page – both of which foster the sense of community found with other social media sites.

“We are trying to build something that provides instant gratification with no expertise, but still has a lot of depth if you’re interested,” says Berry. Analytics are provided that help you to learn about and analyse the demographics of your traffic. “Hopefully we can teach anyone to get better at creating those hits.”

RebelMouse combines all of the great aspects of other social media sites into one easily digestible feed. The simplicity of Twitter is still present; you can read status updates on RebelMouse. But additional layers of interest are added when those Tweets are juxtaposed with other comments, news stories, and pictures that logically belong next to them. Its visual aspects allow for fluid movement between pictures and text, which beauty customers will respond to positively.

So is this a publishing platform, or a social platform? We think it’s both, and will work very effectively for the beauty industry. It’s simple to set-up, but if you need any help, it’s only an email away. We’ve never known a response on a social platform to be so quick or so helpful. The challenge will be to get others to follow as the social media viewscape grows increasingly crowded.

Whether you’re thinking of joining now or in a little while, we do recommend you reserve your username before someone else does. This will become your publishing URL, as in 

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