Is Twitter’s Vine for Beauty Brands?

Is Twitter’s Vine for Beauty Brands?

What if your customers could capture a speck of brand life…a few dabs of an event…or a snippet of how to apply your latest product? The Beauty industry is highly visual, and the idea of stunning images in a short time frame is proving to be very attractive.

Twitter has recently introduced Vine, a mobile service that lets you capture and share six-second looping videos with your Twitter followers. Like Tweets, they believe that brevity inspires creativity. Download the app and it shows you what to do. It’s simple to use – although on your first attempt (if you’re like me) you may experience the nervousness of a silent film director!

(Depending on your browser, you may need to right click on video and select Play)

6 Ways to use it for business

Vine enables real-time visual storytelling in a way that’s never been done before. It allows brands to share what’s happening around them, to tell a compelling story with motion and sound. It’s a natural extension to leverage social media engagement with customers that’s not possible with text alone:

  • Shoot tutorials of simple, but effective makeup techniques
  • Encourage customers to share why they’re passionate about your products
  • Show your employees loving their work
  • Use stop-motion animation to deliver a new promotion
  • Create clips from an event that showcase your brand
  • Highlight video testimonials from influencers and customers

How it works

You simply record by holding your finger on your iPhone screen. When you lift your finger, you momentarily pause the recording, making it possible to create a miniature narrative out of multiple scenes. The most difficult things are to keep the phone still and decide how to divide the time. The app does all the stitching for you, editing together a six-second movie with a series of jump cuts. Or just hold, to take a continuous shot of motion and sound. This has been used to gorgeous effect by bloggers behind-the-scenes and at the catwalk at Fashion Week Shows, giving us all a view without the need for an invitation.

Don’t forget to relevant #hashtags, just as you do on Twitter for posts. Your video and company Twitter account are more likely to be found and to gain more followers.

How to share?

And how to get attention? Tweet the link as you would do an image on Twitter, and if it’s fabulous, it’ll soon go viral. The service works independently of Twitter, so you’ll have to follow (and be followed by) everyone again, but you will be given a drop-down list of your current followers who have already created an account on Vine, to make it quicker. Don’t forget to link back to your website, and embed your video into your blog content for maximum sharing power.

If you find someone else’s that you’d love to share, visit, drag the pin onto your browser and click that link when you’re viewing a Vine. Once done, hover over the video to bring-up a share to Tumblr link and an embed code for publishing anywhere else on the Web.

Who’s already there?                  

Many well-known brands are already promoting this as a social media tool – particularly retailers like TopShop and ASOS (who ask customers to contribute content using #ASOSUnbox) – but fewer beauty companies that you might imagine appear to be taking the plunge. Or is it that they just can’t be found?

What’s the verdict so far?

There’s mixed opinion by social media commentators on whether this is going to be the next big thing. Some think it’s a great new tool and is poised for greatnesswhile others think it’s not compelling enough and that Twitter has just reinvented the Gif.

We believe that even if it is a fad (at least in its current form) the ease of use and the lack of investment needed to showcase businesses, should make it a beautiful addition to your brand’s current marketing mix.

We’d love to know what you think? Is it a tool that you will use? What do you think about the length; should it be longer or is Twitter right?

Kathy Wrennall

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